Privacy and Security Policy
Privacy Protection and Website Security Policy
"National Laboratory Animal Center" (hereinafter referred to as the NLAC) Official website (hereinafter referred to as NLAC website) has established a privacy protection and website security policy (hereinafter referred to as policy) below in accordance with the spirit of the "Personal Information Protection Act" and "General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR". The policy describes the collection, processing, and protection of your personal information.

I. Scope of application:
The policy only applies to personal information collection, processing, and protection on this website. When you click on a link through the NLAC website to access another website, the latter's own Privacy Policy shall apply. The NLAC website will not be held jointly liable, and the policy herein will not be applied to other websites linked in the NLAC website. When you click on a link to another website, their own policy will apply.

II. Collection of personal information categories, purposes and methods of use:
1. Browsing the website:
a) When browsing, querying, and other activities on this website, the website server will store several relevant records, including your connected IP address, time, and webpages… etc. NLAC only analyzes the total behavior of all users and does not identify and analyze individual users.
b) This website uses cookies to collect and record your IP address, time and the number of webpages you have browsed, in order to provide additional personalized services or to use as a reference for website improvement. (Cookies are used for communication between the browser and the user end.)
c) NLAC will not disclose information it obtains from cookies to any third party. You may choose whether to enable cookies in your browser's settings and the level you are willing to accept cookies.
d) If you choose to refuse all cookies, you will not be able to use some personalized services, or participate in certain activities on the NLAC website.
2. If consultation or business contact with this website is needed, use the contact information provided, such as telephone, fax or e-mail, to contact NLAC relevant department and staff. Please provide the correct telephone, fax number or email address in order for us to respond to your enquiries.

III. Time period for personal information usage:
The personal information collected by NLAC is only used during the time period listed in the table below. NLAC will delete or dispose of any personal information in an appropriate and safe manner after the time period expires.
Type of personal information Purpose of Collection Time Period
Phone, Fax, E-mail Consultation Reply or Business contact Provide consulting business contact period
Cookies, IP address, time, and webpages Browsing the website Business duration

IV. The territory in which personal information is used:
The information collected by this website is stored on the website server and transferred to NLAC's location (Taiwan).

V. Personal information sharing with third parties:
1. The NLAC is obligated to protect your privacy and will not sell, exchange, or lease your personal information to any other organization, persons, private corporations or government agencies, except for the following situations:
a) in accordance with the law;
b) to cooperate with legal investigations initiated by judicial authorities, such as to protect against, investigate and stop fraud and unauthorized or illegal activities;
c) to cooperate with in investigations or applications by competent authorities in accordance with their duties;
d) to determine your identity, to provide contact information or to take legal actions, when necessary, if you violate the service terms of NLAC, or are likely to jeopardize or interfere with the interests of NLAC or result in damages to any person;
2. If the website is outsourced to a supplier for maintenance, NLAC will fulfill the responsibilities for supervising and managing the supplier.

VI. Links to other websites:
The policy is only applicable to the NLAC website, which may contain hyperlinks to other websites or web pages not belonging to NLAC. Users may link to these external websites through the NLAC website. Regardless of whether these websites have their own privacy protection, website security policy or the contents of such policies, NLAC's policy is not applicable to those external websites.

VII. Website security measures and regulations
Any unauthorized attempt to upload or change the services and information provided by NLAC is strictly prohibited and may violate the law. This website provides the following security measures to ensure the security and prevent the interruption of its services:
1. A network intrusion detection system to monitor network traffic, in order to verify any unauthorized attempts to upload or change the information on web pages or sabotage.
2. A firewall to prevent illegal intrusion, sabotage, or data theft, in order to prevent illegal use of the website and protect users' rights and interests.
3. Anti-virus software and periodic scans for viruses to provide users with a safer browsing environment.
4. Periodic scans and appropriate security defense measures.
5. Daily backup operations to back up all data onto a remote server.
6. Automatically receive security protection e-mail notices sent by an operating system or application developers and install appropriate patches according to the e-mail's suggestions.

It is impossible to guarantee that Internet data transmission is 100% secure. The NLAC website will do its utmost to protect the safety of your personal information and will use SSL encryption under certain circumstances to ensure the security of data transmission. However, the data transmission process involves the level of security of your own Internet access, and we therefore cannot ensure the security of data you send or receive from the NLAC website. You must be aware and bear the risk of network data transmission. Please understand that the website is unable to control the outcome.

VIII. Individual rights:
1. When contacting NLAC, queries must be made in writing or via e-mail, specifying the type of rights concerned, contents, and contact information. If the above-mentioned conditions are not met, the request procedure will have not been successfully completed and NLAC may notify the person involved to provide additional information. The request procedure will only be completed once the required information is provided, and the processing time will then be calculated. This is to prevent infringing the rights of the person involved due to insufficient information.
2. Please e-mail your requirements to relevant staff for details on how to exercise rights over the above-mentioned personal information (e-mail: pdp.nlac@narlabs.org.tw).
3. You may submit an application to NLAC to exercise the following individual rights:
a) the right to make an inquiry of and to review personal information: You may inquire and review your personal information collected, processed and retained by NLAC.
b) the right to request a copy of the personal information: You may request to make duplications of your personal information collected, processed and retained by NLAC.
c) the right to supplement or correct the personal information: You may request to supplement or correct your personal information retained by NLAC.
d) the right to demand the cessation of the collection, processing or use of personal information: You may request NLAC to discontinue collecting, thereby halting or restricting the processing of your personal information, but only when you are no longer using NLAC's services. When you request objections or restrict the processing and use of personal information (including but not limited to e-newsletters or marketing promotion, etc.), NLAC will continue to store your personal information according to the retention period, but will not conduct subsequent processing and use.
e) the right to erase the personal information: You may request NLAC to erase your personal information when the specific purpose of personal information collection no longer exists, or when the retention period expires.
f) the right to withdraw consent: You may withdraw consent to NLAC's processing of your personal information at any time.
g) the right to the restriction of processing: You may request NLAC to restrict the processing of personal information based on improper processing circumstances.
h) the right to object to processing: In terms of compliance with GDPR, you may object to NLAC's processing of your personal information.
i) the right to data portability: According to the personal information that you provide based on your consent or contractual agreement and which processed by an automated means, you may request NLAC to provide your personal information in a format that can be received and processed by general information systems. For new service providers, you may copy, transfer, and import your personal information for your new service provider quickly, safely and completely.

IX. Contact information:
If you have any questions or concerns about the above terms, please send an e-mail to the NLAC service mailbox: pdp.nlac@narlabs.org.tw.
You may also send a written letter to the following address:
National Laboratory Animal Center
Building G, No. 111, Lane 130, Section 1, Academia Road, Nangang District, Taipei City 115021, Taiwan
Receiver: Personal data protection relevant staff / Administration Division

X. Modification of privacy protection and security policies:
In order to achieve the goal of protecting privacy and online security, NLAC website Privacy Protection and Website Security Policy may be amended from time to time in accordance with any amendments to the laws and developments of relevant technologies. Whenever NLAC Privacy Protection and Website Security Policy is amended, NLAC will immediately display a notice on our website to provide you the opportunity to review the changed terms prior to continuing the use of the NLAC website.

(Last updated on Sep. 15, 2021)

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