About Us
The National Laboratory Animal Center (NLAC) was established in 1994 as the first large-scale internationally-qualified supply unit for specific pathogen free (SPF) laboratory rodents in Taiwan. In June 2003, NLAC became an organization under the jurisdiction of the National Applied Research Laboratories.

Being the largest laboratory animal resource center in Taiwan, NLAC also acts as the foundation and key platform for the development of biotechnology industry and biomedical research. We serve as an animal breeding and testing environment that meets international standards. To uphold its core values of "Quality First, Welfare Foremost", the Center provides diversified animal resources and testing services based on a dual-track approach of advancing scientific application and animal welfare. In supporting pre-clinical evaluation of new drugs, medical devices, and biotechnology products, NLAC aims to fulfill the needs of biomedical product development and medical research and ultimately to accelerate the internationalization of Taiwan's biotechnology industry.

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