Dr. Leo CK Wang elected as President of Asian Mouse Mutagenesis Resource Association

Dr. Leo Chi-Kuang Wang, Deputy Director General of National Laboratory Animal Center (NLAC), has been elected as the new President of the Asian Mouse Mutagenesis Resource Association (AMMRA) during the 2019 AMMRA & AMPC (Asian Mouse Phenotyping Consortium) Meeting in Melbourne, Australia.
The AMMRA is a collaborative multinational organization aiming to promote the production and application of mutant mouse in translational medicine. Since its establishment in 2006, AMMRA members across the Asia region have been sharing expertise, mouse modelling resources, and technology developments to both researchers and clinicians worldwide. The goal of AMMRA is to achieve further understanding of mammalian genome function and relative disease mechanisms that ultimately facilitates the improvement of human health. Furthermore, AMMRA members work closely with AMPC and the International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium (IMPC) to enhance institutional partnership in regard to standardized mouse phenotyping and data sharing.
Dr. Wang also announced, this February in Melbourne, that NLAC will be hosting the 2020 AMMRA & AMPC Meeting in National Biotechnology Research Park in Taipei.